We envision a world where people everywhere recycle right.
of Americans support recycling
of Americans think recycling should be a priority
of the United States recycles
of recycled goods are contaminated.

Who we are —

Ongoing consumer education is vital to curing our waste problem.

Recycling rates are stagnating and consumption is increasing. In the US alone, we throw over $11.4 billion worth of recyclable materials into landfills each year.1 Why are we throwing these resources away?

REDO works to build a circular economy in our local community within Utah. Consumer education, efficient + convenient recycling systems, and economically viable markets for post-consumer recycled materials are necessary for our community to achieve recycling success.

What we're about —


REDO teaches the average Utahn what they need to know about recycling.


REDO's messaging provides clarity to help you conveniently choose the right bin.


We want Utahns to care about recycling. People like you are the key to closing our waste loop.


REDO works to minimize contaminated material, increasing the recycled material's worth.


You'll see us at your (public) community events. If you don't, invite us to one.

Circular Economy

Don't just recycle, buy goods made from recycled materials too.

Think globally

Act locally

Keep Salt Lake Recycling

REDO Right

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