This July, let’s go Plastic Free.

The 4th of July is right around the corner and this year I’m considering my impact on the planet. About a month ago, I saw a piece of art by the Washed Ashore Project at The Hogle Zoo that made me think differently about how I celebrate the 4th. It’s called the American Sea Star, and it’s inspired me to join the Plastic Free July Challenge. 

"The American Sea Star" - The Washed Ashore Project

“This red, white and blue sea star was created to bring attention to plastics used in Independence day celebrations.

Every Fourth of July thousands of visitors flock to lakes, rivers and ocean shores to watch firework displays and celebrate with fireworks of their own. This results in thousands of pounds of plastic entering marine environments and affecting the animals that live there.

The next time you celebrate with fireworks choose items that don’t contain plastic parts that will be launched out of your reach and into the environment. With any celebration take the time to clean up as a way of saying thank you for the event.”

The Washed Ashore Project

Plastics are an incredible invention, and they should be used responsibly. I want to take it a step farther than just saying no to single-use plastics over the holiday. That’s why I’m taking the plastic-free July pledge, and avoiding single-use plastics for a month.

Will you join me? Click the link to learn more:

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