About Us

Our vision is to live in a world where people everywhere recycle right.

We imagine a circular economy where post-consumer materials are reclaimed and reprocessed locally.

Our top priorities are to reduce contamination and make recycling easier to understand. To do that, we’re helping communities reduce the use of single-use items, build visibility around how to recycling right, and create recycling programs for high school students.

Our Mission

Together we can recycle right.

And we must. We’re dealing with big problems because we live in a throw away society.

That’s where REDO comes in. REDO, which stands for Recycling Education and Development Organization, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with schools, recycling facilities, community leaders, businesses, and other organizations to promote zero waste.

Check out our programs to see how you can participate and recycle right!

We Have a Great Team

Our Board of Directors come from a variety of professional backgrounds from across the region.

Rachel Reddick

As Executive Director of REDO, Rachel trains and supports students to bring recycling to their schools and make a lasting impact on their community.
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Mark Carr

Mark is an owner and founder of COMPAX. Mark moved to Utah after his Church mission in Japan, and has been an influential part of the community ever since.
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Dennis Devine

Founder of REDO, Dennis Devine is a founder and owner of COMPAX and has lived in Salt Lake City for over 20 years.

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Courtney Keppelman

Courtney Keppelman is a beauty industry consultant, with extensive experience in fragrance, color cosmetics and skincare marketing.

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Shauna Lupcho

Shauna is the Chief Financial Officer at COMPAX. Previously, she served on the board for the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Utah.
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Danelle Devine

Danelle Devine co-founded perf pay after graduating with honors from Babson College. She is now the Process Manager for Compax.

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