What Is Wish-Cycling? And Why I Wish It Would End

Facebook350Twitter201551Shares Have you ever been unsure if something was recyclable or not, and just thrown it in your blue bin, because...

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A Cleaner Greener Utah Art Contest

On Sunday, November 15th for America Recycles Day, REDO opened an art show at the Urban Arts Gallery with the theme of, "A Cleaner, Greener...

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Recycling in Today’s Economy

Facebook351Twitter201552Shares Recycling in Today’s Economy Rhiannon Gardner is a social media and outreach volunteer with REDO....

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Water Bottle Packaging: Plastic vs. Aluminum

This year I joined a small group of volunteers that are working to make the Utah Pride Festival as sustainable as possible....

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Recycling Plastic

Facebook350Twitter201551Shares What happens to your plastic bottles once they’ve been picked up by your waste hauler? First, they are...

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Get to Know Plastics 1 Through 7

Facebook350Twitter201551Shares This post was written by REDO volunteer Rhiannon Gardner as a social media post series for Earth Week, and...

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PCHS Launches Recycling Initiative

Park City High School’s Conservation Council is comprised of a group of passionate students leading the way for a greener school....

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Is Recycling Dead? NO! An Optimist’s View

There have been a lot of articles lately asking whether or not this is the end of recycling. China told the US that we can’t send them...

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How to be Green for St. Patty’s Day

Here are some leprechaun-approved ideas to help the environment while having fun: Unfortunately, Guinness cans are not recyclable as the...

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Roses are red, violets are blue, REDO has tips for Valentine’s Day too!

Holidays create a lot of waste– even Valentine’s Day. Candy, chocolate, cards, wrapping papers and ribbons… we do a great job at...

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West High Recycles Right!

In the last few months, REDO has been working with West High School to help get better recycling established, and they are now well on...

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Three Events REDO Attended This Past Fall

We’ve had a busy few months setting up REDO in Salt Lake City. A lot of our time has gone into design and program development, but...

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REDO – Recycling Education and Development Organization

Welcome to REDO! We’re working to redo recycling the right way. We’re launching in Salt Lake City, UT, and we are working to help...

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