A Cleaner, Greener Utah Art Contest!

On Sunday, November 15th for America Recycles Day, REDO opened an art show at the Urban Arts Gallery with the theme of, “A Cleaner, Greener Utah.” Students in Salt Lake County were invited to enter photography, sculpture, and poetry pieces that demonstrated hope for the future in the realm of waste and the environment. 

Prizes awarded included nine custom-made awards made from up-cycled materials from Clever Octopus. Art pieces will be featured at the gallery until November 29th, and have been invited to move to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum through December.

The goal was to make waste and recycling an accessible topic to youth while observing social distancing measures. All entries, outreach for the contest, and the judging process was done remotely. While in the gallery, students wore masks and maintained social distancing. Only for their individual photo ops were they invited to remove their masks.

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